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KAS Mentor is an Institute aimed at providing high-end Quality Education to help our students achieve their dreams of cracking the Kerala administrative services examination with flying colours. The Course in KAS mentor includes Classroom sessions in various subjects including History, Geography, Economics, Indian Constitution, Art and Culture, Environmental Studies etc. which are required to crack the Kerala Administrative Service Examination. We currently have Classroom Courses, Distance course & Video Course preparing you exclusively for the Kerala Administrative Service Examination

Our Courses
Only Premier Institution in Kerala Exclusively for KAS
Faculty Team led by UPSC Personnel & UPSC Team
Personalized Mentorship Program

Our own Unique way of Preparing You


Extensive Syllabus Coverage + Concept Understanding


Exclusive In-House Mentorship

Answer Writing

Daily Prelims Test & Mains Answer Writing

Online Support

Online Support Via Website, Youtube, Whatsapp, Telegram & More


Regular Tests for Evaluation


Individual Progress Tracking


A new day brings forth unlimited opportunities; every small step that we take towards our Dream is indeed a Big Step forward towards realizing that long-cherished Dream, be it an Examination or anything else.

From KAS Mentor, the Family and Your Team that stands along with your preparations, we have launched a new website to aid with your preparations, hoping to give better insight and learning experience to all our Students and other aspirants. We have a series of dynamic efforts that attempt to help you along with your preparations, Daily Current Affairs analysing the important news and events along with their background and relevance from the Exam perspective; we provide Daily Prelims Bits, a further Study into various Important Topics from the Current Affairs; Daily Tests, aimed at keeping everyone tuned to the pattern and requirements of the Preliminary Examination; Daily Mains Answer Writing, to introduce the Students and Aspirants to the requirements and Structure of the Mains Examination; Daily Blog, where a series of Competitive Examination related content is uploaded; our efforts continue each day to make the Preparatory Phase for your Examinations a Healthy and Productive one.

Kiran S Babu Founder