PSC Mentor

Platform for students aspiring for various Government Examinations at the State Level

To Educate, Inspire & Motivate PSC Aspirants to secure a Government Job with Distinction.

Following Ten Broad Areas under which PSC questions have been asked repeatedly, any candidate will be able to clear the examinations with 85+ Marks with ease.

“Learn, how to Learn for PSC”

Facts About Kerala
Indian Constitution
IT & Cyber law
Current Affairs
Quantitative Aptitude
Mental Ability
General Science
General English
Facts About India

How We Teach?

Any Competitive Examination requires a careful study into the prerequisites of the Examination and the roles/vacancies that it seeks to address through the examination. When a Candidate decides to prepare for a Competitive Examination, he/she is influenced by a lot of factors; running across from family, friends, neighbours, role-models, Job-security etc. But the primary question remains unasked and mostly unanswered ever, partly because we do not teach ourselves and others of the need or necessity to ask Questions. We begin to learn from textbooks and attempt to complete our preparations amidst Lectures/Searches. There is a need to question, understand, relate and Learn to Learn from everyday life and situations. Newspapers play an important role in Day-today learning. When we search for a multitude of facts, we do not search for their relevance or necessity to everyday life. Learning and Competing was and has always been a Wholesome Process, but in today’s life the process in itself has become monotonous and mechanical. Victory was Glorious; even competing with Peers or at times Superiors is a show of valour and skill. Are we ready to compete for an examination today along the same lines? We will try to teach or infuse you with that spirit, are you ready to learn is the Question.