Salient Features of Society - Buddhism in Kerala
8th October 2021

Kushinagar (Uttar Pradesh) - Nepal flight to boost Buddhist Circuit.

Ancient keralites followed the Dravidian style of worship.
In the Sangam age, Buddhism was prominent in the Chola, Chera and Pandya regions.
Buddhism was prominent in our society from the 3rd century to 12th century AD.

Evidences of Buddhism are seen in:
Ashoka’s 2nd and 13th edict
Karumadi Buddha statue - dated to 9th-12th century
Paliyam plates of Vikramaditya varaguna
SreeMoolavilasam mentioned in 11th century palm leafs

Contributions of Buddhism:
Temple rituals & festivals in Kerala like Kettukazhcha, ezhunallath, Naga worship etc. display Buddhist influences.

Words ezhuthupalli, pallikoodam etc. seems to have originated from Buddhism
Propagation of Ayurveda too was helped probably by Buddhist influence.