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We believe we are competent to support them, YOU.

IAS, conventionally referred to for all the services in the Civil Services Examination has a long tradition and lineage. “Imperial Civil Service was the elite higher civil service of the British Empire in British India during British Rule in the period between 1858 and 1947” to quote Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Please do read the article titled “Indian Civil Service (British India) from Wikipedia.

Elitism and Power are two common driving forces why majority of the Aspirants today prepare or attempt the Civil Services Examination. Hence the first question, any aspirant should seriously ask oneself is why he/she has decided to prepare for the Civil Services Examinations. Yes, there is no right or wrong answers to this question, but the question and the process of seeking its answers will continue to drive the aspirant ever towards that dream of competing and conquering that examination, which to many even today seems unrealistic to conquer or even follow.

Who we are determines, what we do & what we ultimately become.

We are a set of Individuals who believe firstly, that conquering the examination is no mighty task, at the same time continue with hard-work and tireless endeavour to help each other in the process of converting ourselves to higher human beings. We are motivated to prepare ourselves, help you learn the tactics and sport, ready to train and compete with you at an intellectual level. Our Team of Academicians are relentlessly motivated towards the examination and will help you prepare each step. Motivated are you, to join?

What we are working on

Veteran’s Test Series and Subject Discussion Model

– to give that thrust and motivation for Aspirants who have been tirelessly preparing for the UPSC Examinations over the past years, for those who have been running from webs to scratch.